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Sail Southern Ontario's Gold Coast with Rogue Tiger

Rogue Tiger Sail Charters

Come sail with us

from the Port Dover Pier aboard Rogue Tiger

1 or 2 hour Lake Erie Charters

2017 Sailing season starts Friday May 19th.

Please call 519-427-3605 to book a sail with us, or just meet us at the pier for availability.

Rogue Tiger is a classic and beautiful Formosa Ketch. Experience the dream of sailing away on the open waters and feeling the calm breezes sweeping across  Lake Erie.  We are located on the main pier in the quaint fishing town of Port Dover.  All our sails are weather permitting and at the sole discretion

of our Captain. Our passengers are encouraged to get involved in the helming and sailing of Rogue Tiger, as much as they would like.

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Catch some sun and relax, as we share our passion for sailing with you.

It is our hope that you will share your experience with your friends and family.

The Port Dover Pier

Prices for a 2 hour sail are :

$55 per person ( 18 to 59 yrs)

$45 per person (60 yrs and over)

$35 per child      (4 to 16 yrs)  Please provide your own certified life jackets for smaller children.

Prices for a 1 hour sail are:

$30.00 per person (16-59 yrs)

$25.00 per person  (60 yrs and over)

$20.00 per child     (4-16 yrs) Please provide your own certified life jackets for smaller children.

Our prices include the charter, taxes, bottled water, music and crew.

Port Dover is a friendly, unique, and historic fishing town, deep in tradition. Our population is 6,000  but every Friday the 13th, we welcome 155,000 motorcyclists and tourists into our town.  They enjoy food, sun, the beach, the pier, music, shopping and old friends with new conversation.  We are so happy to be a part of the " heartbeat " of Port Dover.